Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pokémon Go's server issues have been driving people wild all day (update)

Pokémon Go's server issues

A game like Pokémon Go lives or dies by one thing: the ability to connect to its servers. Players are required to always be connected to the internet to head out on their real life Pokémon adventures. No internet, no go.

But trainers whose phones are online still haven’t been able to get into the game since it rolled out stateside last night. That’s because it’s been plagued with unknown server issues and authentication errors. We’ve tried logging into our Pokémon Trainer Club accounts only to be told that Pokémon Go can’t recognize them. Worse, we’ve faced the mysterious error message about the problematic servers time and again, where we're told to "come back later" instead.

Needless to say, people aren’t happy. Something the internet is great at, though, is turning a bad thing into a good joke. Twitter’s had a field day with the server issues:

We’ve reached out to Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company, the humans (not Clefairy) in charge of fixing the problems keeping us from our Pokémon catching. They’re aware of the issue and will update us with a plan of action. We’ll keep you posted. For now, be jealous of those who’ve been catching to their heart’s content. If that includes you, check out our Pokémon Go guide for some adventuring tips.

At time of writing, however, the servers still seem to be down. Update 2: Niantic has responded to continued server connection issues in Pokémon Go, saying it's adding new resources to handle the influx of players.


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